Maxfield Parrish ReissuedBy

Maxfield Parrish Reissued

An unusually large reproduction print of Maxfield Parrish's Hilltop is currently on the market. What makes the print significant is its size, 36" high x 22" wide. It is the only Parrish illustration ever printed the same size as the original painting.

The painting was finished in 1926 with paper prints available for public sale in 1926-1927. Original prints were published by House of Art in three sizes: 10" x 6", 20" x 12" and 30" x 18". Previous modern reproductions have appeared as 18" x 12½" and 25" x 18¼".

This new print has been marketed as a "limited" edition "...and embossed with the chop [seal] of the Maxfield Parrish Family Trust." It is printed on rag paper.

We though this new print worth mentioning because the extraordinary size might be confusing.


Fig 1. New Hilltop reproduction Parrish print, 36" x 22".