One-ounce Jadite Mortar and PestleBy

One-ounce Jadite Mortar and Pestle

Many new kitchen glass pieces have been reproduced including glass funnels, measuring cups, reamers and two sizes of mortar and pestles. Previously reported new sizes were four ounce and 2 ounce. Those pieces were made in vaseline, cobalt blue and Jadite.

This small one ounce Jadite mortar and clear glass pestle is another new shape in the market. The mortar is marked one "1 OZ" and the letter "C" on the bottom of the base. The glass pestle is marked "1" next to the handle.

New wholesale price was $7. These have been seen marketed by resellers as "rare miniatures".

ACRN could not find any colored glass mortars proved to have been made prior to 1998. All early mortars were made for the druggist trade in clear glass. The new glass funnels and all the new color glass mortar shapes have been found in a ca. 1900 Illinois Glass Co. catalog. All were originally offered in clear glass only.