Nuts to Boop - Christmas Tree OrnamentsBy

Nuts to Boop - Christmas Tree Ornaments

If you haven't already noticed, figural blown glass Christmas tree ornaments are enjoying a comeback. Originally made ca. 1870-1940, new thin walled mold blown glass ornaments are again big sellers. Many new comic character ornaments are being made including Betty Boop, Popeye, Felix the Cat and others. Even advertising trademark figures are being produced like Mr. Peanut. Average retail prices for the new ornaments ranged from $15-$50. Original figures were $150-$500.

New and old are made much the same way. Unless you know what figures were originally made, telling new from old can be tricky. Generally, most pre-WW II ornaments have duller paint; new are shiny. Check the hanger: most early hangers have dulled over the years, new are bright and shiny. Most old flesh tones are matte finish; new are mostly shiny.



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