Novelty Milk Glass Lanterns CopiedBy

Novelty Milk Glass Lanterns Copied

Miniature electric lanterns with figural milk glass shades have been reproduced. The two new jack-o'-lanterns are very similar to vintage originals. The new pieces were first offered in January 2003.

A good selection of vintage originals in this style are shown in The Milk Glass Book by Frank Chiarenza and James Slater. According to the authors, the originals were made from the mid-1940s through the late 1950s. The majority of old pieces were made in Japan or Hong Kong and are generally permanently marked with the country of origin. Both new and old lanterns are powered by batteries in the metal base.

The smaller of the new jack-o'-lanterns is virtually identical to a similar vintage piece. The larger of the new jack-o'-lanterns, though, is unusually large. Most vintage lanterns in this style range from 3 to 5 inches tall. The larger new jack-o'-lantern is almost twice that size at 10 inches tall.

The new lanterns shown here were wholesale priced at $18.50 and $14.50 each. Original miniature lanterns with milk glass shades can sell for up to $175 depending on the subject, decoration and condition.


Fig. 1 New battery operated lanterns with painted milk glass shades and metal bases. Left, 10 inches tall with 6 inch diameter shade; right, 6¾ inches tall with 3½ inch diameter shade.


Fig. 2 Vintage miniature lanterns with painted milk glass shades made ca. 1940-1950s. Courtesy The Milk Glass Book, Chiarenza and Slater, Schiffer Publishing, 1998 .