New Vaseline Glass Marked WestmorelandBy

New Vaseline Glass Marked Westmoreland

Two covered animal dishes marked Westmoreland were available in vaseline glass through a Midwestern wholesaler. The two pieces, shown below, are a 5" lion on split rib base and a 5" chicken with split tail on a woven base. Both were made with uranium and do fluoresce under long wave black light.

The top and bottom sides of the base of the lion have mark A in the mold. Both mark A and B are on the chicken base. The chicken top has mark A; the lion top is unmarked. These same molds were used to make red streaked milk glass dishes in 1995. Those pieces were made by Mosser Glass and it's assumed the vaseline was also made there. Each piece was $10 from the wholesaler.


Fig. 1 New vaseline glass covered animals are marked Westmoreland in the mold and fluoresce under black light.


Mark A


Mark B