New Turtle Planter and Sprinkler Marked McCoyBy

New Turtle Planter and Sprinkler Marked McCoy

Be aware of new pottery marked McCoy in the market. The copied pieces are the turtle planter and sprinkler, or water pot. Both new pieces have a molded McCoy mark (Fig. 2) that is virtually identical to marks on vintage pieces.

Authentic turtle sprinklers are valued at $80 to $100; authentic turtle planters, $35 to $45. The wholesale price of the new sprinkler was $12; the new planter, $10.

New planters are similar to original planters but significantly smaller. Original planters are 8 inches from nose to tail; new planters are only about 7½ inches.

Original turtle sprinklers are 10 inches long. Since new sprinklers use the same 7½-inch body as the new planter, new sprinklers are almost 3 inches smaller than original sprinklers. The shape of new sprinklers is also different. New sprinklers are made by simply adding a handle to the new planter shape. New sprinklers are open in the top; originals are closed.


Fig. 1 New turtle sprinkler, or water pot, marked McCoy. The new sprinkler is made by simply adding a handle to the new turtle planter.


Fig. 2 The molded McCoy mark found on the new sprinkler and planter.


Fig. 3 New turtle planter about 7½ inches, one-half inch smaller than the original (see original in Fig. 5 below).


Fig. 4 Original ca. 1950 McCoy turtle sprinkler or water pot. A completely different shape than the original planter. Note closed top, longer drawn out body shape and angle of neck and head.


Fig. 5 Original ca. 1950 McCoy turtle planter. The original turtle planter is 8 inches from the tip of nose to the tail. The new planter is only about 7½ inches across.

Photos of original pieces in Figs. 4-5 from Vol I., McCoy Pottery Collector's Reference and Value Guide Nissen, Hanson & Hanson; ©2002.

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