New Sailor DoorstopBy

New Sailor Doorstop

There's a new cast iron sailor doorstop that is in the market. It measures 14-inches tall, weighs about 10 lbs. and was offered by several catalogs for $55 retail.

So far, no old matching counterpart has been found. The only known pre-1940 cast iron sailor doorstop, shown below, is only 8½ inches tall.

Besides the obvious difference in height, there is another important clue in the shape of the hats new and old sailors wear. The new sailor wears an old style of navy hat with a pompon, or colored ball, on top. The hat on the old sailor is flat, without a pompon.


New sailor, left, is 14 inches tall, has a stepped base and a pompon, or colored ball, on the hat. A somewhat similar old doorstop in the form of a sailor, right. The old version is 8½-inches tall; no pompon on hat.