New Phonographs in Floor ModelsBy

New Phonographs in Floor Models

Reproduction wind up phonographs with morning glory horns are now available in floor models. The first series of these outside horn reproductions were made as table top models. Both styles of new machines are made in India and Pakistan.

The most obvious clue to the new phonographs is in the horn. All the new horns, including connections to the tone arm which holds the needle, are made entirely of solid brass. The vast majority of all pre-1930 metal outside horns were made of steel. Some original horns had decorative brass rims and some connecting pieces were brass but virtually no original horn was made entirely of brass.

Original steel horns were usually painted or decorated with decals over the paint. New brass horns are often decorated with embossed, or molded, patterns. Some new horns are also engraved.

New phonographs have a confusing decal (Fig. 3 ) featuring a dog listening to a phonograph very similar to the original logo of Victor Talking Machine Co. Original outside metal horn Victor phonographs were almost always marked with a metal plate stamped with model and serial numbers (Fig. 2).


Fig. 1 New floor model phonograph, 35″ × 27″ × 20″


Fig. 2 Original metal label on pre-1930 Victor Talking Machine Co. windup phonograph. Mode number and serial number stamped in metal.


Fig. 3 Confusing decal on new phonographs with dog posed next to phonograph. Original slogan was, "His Master's Voice." Slogan on new decals is "His Master Voice," not Master's as in original.