New Perfume Bottles from FranceBy

New Perfume Bottles from France

An American mail order company offered new handpainted glass perfume bottles in the Art Deco style. The two new bottles, shown below, are made in new molds made from the original ca. 1920s bottles.

Each is handpainted and includes an artist signature. Various signatures appear on the bottles; the name "Laurie" is on both of these samples. The company name "Chanille" and a sequential edition number is handpainted on the bottoms. (Note: don't confuse "Chanille," the name on the new bottles, with the famous perfume company, "Chanel.")

The new bottle on the right, is decorated with a full-length standing flapper girl carrying a cigarette holder. The other features a Deco-styled woman's head surrounded by flowers.

Both bottles are clear frosted glass with multicolored paint. Each bottle is about 6 inches tall including the stopper. Retail price for each is $115.


New perfume bottles imported from France. Multicolored painted designs on clear frosted glass. Each about 6 inches tall.