New Lead Penny ToysBy

New Lead Penny Toys

A dealer at a mid-western flea market sold several different miniature cast lead penny toys. This sample cost $10 in the late 1990s. All of the toys were of turn of the century steam powered equipment.

This sample shown is 3½″ in length. Wheels turn freely on revolving axles. The toy is slush cast (hollow) and is marked along the side "Made in USA". The seller freely admitted the piece was new but wouldn't say where the toys were made.

The quality is quite good with many small details such as rivets clearly defined. An old appearing patina covers the outside; the hollow inside is shiny silver.

One of the clues to its recent age is that the axles are made of aluminum. Virtually every original toy of this type would have used steel rods for axles.


New toy of cast lead, 3½″ in length. Marked in raised molded letters "Made in USA". Maker unknown.