New Frog Vase Confused with Weller Coppertone LineBy

New frog vase confused with Weller Coppertone line

A new vase like the one shown below has been seen offered as vintage Weller Pottery. The glaze on the new vase is entirely green with no patches of bronze. No vintage Coppertone has ever been found in the shape of the new vase shown.

The new 12-inch vase is somewhat similar to a Weller line known as Coppertone. Some pieces of that original line included figural frogs against cattails, lily pads and other water plants. The name Coppertone is derived from the glaze which is a dark green with random splashes of bronze. Original Weller Coppertone was made in the 1920s-30s. A variety of marks appear on originals, but not all vintage pieces are marked.

A new fan-shaped vase with frogs that began appearing in 1999 is a close copy of an original Coppertone shape. That new piece had a large hand-brushed black number on the base like this new vase.


Figs. 1-2 Two views of new 12-inch pottery frog vase. The body and upper part of the vase are solid green. The frogs and the leaves on which they sit are cream colored.


Fig. 3 The base of the new frog vase shown in Figs. 1-2 is marked with a black hand brushed number. This mark is similar to the mark on another similar new vase found in 1999 shown in Fig. 4.


Figs. 4-5 The new fan-shaped vase in Fig. 4 is a close copy of a Weller Coppertone original shape. It too is marked with a large black brushed number on the base. This new vase first appeared in 1999.

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