New Dolls from Old MoldsBy

New Dolls from Old Molds

Molds used to make pre-1940 celluloid dolls were placed back in production. The doll shown here is one of at least two styles that was reproduced. The other known new doll has the same hairstyle and general body shape but with hands clasped behind the back. Each of the known reproductions is 6″ tall.

Each new doll carries a famous trademark used since 1873, the so-called Schildkröte (German for tortoise/turtle) mark of Rheinische Gummi und Celluloid Fabrik Co. of Germany. Since the new dolls have old-appearing marks and are made from original molds, there is no quick or easy way of separating recently made dolls from vintage dolls.

Many original dolls of this style were used as carnival giveaways and souvenirs ca. 1900-1950s. They were also frequently dressed in native clothing of various nations and sold as souvenirs. Sample shown was $20 retail.


Fig. 1 New 6″ celluloid doll with old trademark.


Fig. 2 Original ca. 1930s Rheinische Gummi und Celluloid Fabrik Co. advertisement for celluloid dolls with their distinctive turtle trademarks at top.


Fig. 3 The Schildkröte trademark of Rheinische Gummi und Celluloid Fabrik Co. has been in use in various forms since 1875. New celluloid dolls from the original molds also have this molded mark. The turtle can be surrounded by various geometric shapes such as a square, circle, triangle, etc.

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