New Brass Instruments with Wood CasesBy

New Brass Instruments in Wood Cases

The new brass scientific instruments made in India since the late 1990s, are frequently offered in new custom-fitted wood cases.

New cases are similar in general appearance to authentic vintage cases. The new examples we have seen have brass-bound corners, dovetail or box joints and brass hinges. Some boxes have inlaid designs in wood and elaborate escutcheons, the hardware surrounding keyholes.

Many new instruments also have confusing marks that include names of authentic 19th century manufacturers, late 19th or early 20th century dates and names of cities such as London, New York and Edinburgh.

Types of new instruments include a variety of sextants, different models of telescopes, microscopes, surveying tools, levels and others.


Fig. 1 New theodolite, a surveying instrument, in a new wooden case. The case has brass bound corners and is custom-fitted to the shape of the instrument.


Fig. 2 The new instrument above is marked "Ross, London, 1917." Ross is the name of an authentic instrument maker. The 1917 implies a date of production. The piece was made recently in India.