New Torchiere Shade with Confusing PatternBy

New Torchiere Shade with Confusing Pattern

A new glass torchiere shade has a pattern similar to a well known vintage design. Both designs feature an Asian woman posed in an Oriental-styled garden.

The vintage design was introduced by Societe Anonyme Holophane Les Andelys of France founded in France in 1931 which marked its glass Verlys. In 1935, rights to the French designs were licensed for production in the United States by Verlys of America in Newark, Ohio. The original, sold as a 7¾-inch vase shown here, was known as Kuan Yin.

Verlys of America went out of business about 1951. In the mid-1950s, the molds were leased to Heisey Glass which produced its own version of Verlys. Fenton purchased the molds in 1966 and has had the molds in and out of production since then.

The new shade is 11½ inches tall and is made in two diameters, 12 and 16 inches across. It is available in satin-finished (frosted) clear glass or clear glass with a white glass casing, or lining. New shades have a 2¾-inch fitter collar. Average price depending on size is $35 each.