New Red Wing Town & Country MarksBy

New Red Wing Town & Country Marks

Warnings and rumors about reproductions of Red Wing's Town and Country dinnerware by the Metropolitan Museum of Art (MMA) caused needless concern.

The MMA's reproductions of artist Eva Zeisel's classic Town and Country are clearly marked (Fig. 1) and should pose no problems to collectors. New pieces include a teapot, cups, saucers, salad bowls, creamer and sugar.

Zeisel's original Town and Country was considered futuristic when it was sold by Red Wing in the 1950s and is now a highly sought collectible. Zeisel was a Hungarian born commercial artist who emigrated to the United States. She also designed lines for other American potteries including Hall China.

Another museum, the Museum of Modern Art, also issued reproductions of Red Wing Town and Country in 1997 and 1998. Those pieces are marked EZ 97 and EZ 98 (Fig. 2).

Reproductions from both museums are made of light weight clay fired at low temperature. The fired clay resembles items made for the china decorating hobby. Originals are true pottery, quite heavy, more dense and fired at higher temperatures.


Fig. 1 Reproduction Town and Country items from Metropolitan Museum of Art are clearly dated and identified as reproductions.


Fig. 2 Reproduction Town and Country items from Museum of Modern Art are marked with either a EZ 98 or EZ 97 stamped in black ink.

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