New KPM Mark Appearing on Demitasses and Hatpin HoldersBy

New KPM Mark Appearing on Demitasses and Hatpin Holders

A new KPM mark turned up on hatpin holders and demitasse sized cups and saucers. This version is much improved over previous copies of KPM marks. The new mark is very similar in general appearance to the old but leaves out an important detail. All authentic KPM eagle marks must include a scepter (a short rod symbolizing authority). Old eagle marks were stamped in ink; new marks are transfers. So far, all new marks are a deep blue; old eagle marks were generally red or brown; blue was only used occasionally.


Fig. 1 New demitasse with the KPM mark shown in Fig. 2. Wholesale cost was around $9. Trimmed in gold; decoration hand applied.


Fig. 2 New mark found on cup and saucer shown in Fig. 1. There is no scepter in new mark.


Fig. 3 A typical old mark. Most old marks include a scepter, indicated here with an arrow.

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