New Flow Blue in Iris and Waldorf patternsBy

New Flow Blue in Iris and Waldorf patterns

Here are some examples of the new Iris and Waldorf pattern Flow Blue. The new Iris pattern is being sold as a complete chamber set including basin, pitcher, chamber pot, soap dish and the brush holder shown here. So far, the new Waldorf pattern has been found only in a cup and saucer. Both new patterns have marks that are very close to the original marks. The key difference is that the original marks include the word "England." The new pieces, do not include "England "in the mark.


Fig. 1


Fig. 2
New Waldorf pattern cup and saucer. Both new pieces have a new Waldorf mark very similar to a vintage Waldorf mark.


Fig. 3 New Waldorf mark does not include "England."


Fig. 4


Fig. 5


Fig. 6

Figs. 4-6 New Iris pattern toothbrush holder, Fig. 4. Detail of Iris pattern, Fig. 5. The new piece has the Iris mark in Fig. 6. No exact counterpart to this mark has been found. It appears to be made up from parts of several separate marks. Pre-1937 Dunn Bennett marks almost always include the word "England."

New samples loaned for photography courtesy Ellen Hill.

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