New Flamingo Cast Iron Bottler OpenerBy

New Flamingo Cast Iron Bottle Opener

A new cast iron flamingo bottle opener is available on the market. The new piece is somewhat similar to two vintage originals, but not an exact copy of either. Originals were made by John Wright Co. and Wilton Products both of Wrightsville, Pennsylvania. The vintage Wilton opener is shown at right. Wright and Wilton pieces are virtually identical and the differences between the new opener and both originals are the same.

There are two major differences between the new openers and the Wilton and Wright originals. The first is the location of the hook-shaped opener. In the new flamingo, the opener is located on the same side as the head. On the old flamingos by both Wilton and Wright, the opener is on the same side as the tail, not the head. The other obvious difference is in the shape of the neck and position of the head. Beaks on new openers curl down and touch the neck. Necks on old openers by both Wilton and Wright form an open "S" shape creating a distinct gap between the old beak and old neck.


The hook-shaped opener on new pieces is on the same side as the head. Openers in the old piece are located on the same side as the tail. Beaks on new openers touch the neck; beaks on old openers do not touch the neck.