New Eyewinker in Blue OpalescentBy

New Eyewinker in Blue Opalescent

New pieces of Eyewinker pattern glass have now been reproduced in blue opalescent and green opalescent. Blue opalescent is available in the 6-inch three-footed shape shown in Fig. 1 and a quart-size pitcher with tumblers. The green opalescent is also sold in the three-legged shape.

Original Eyewinker pattern glass, also known as Winking Eye, Cannon Ball and Crystal ball, was made by the Dalzell, Gilmore and Leighton glass company of Findlay, Ohio in the 1890s. All known original production was in clear crystal. Any Eyewinker in colored glass is modern.

New Eyewinker has been made since 1964 when the L.G. Wright Glass Co. made seven different shapes from new molds. Wright's Eyewinker was eventually made in thirty shapes and produced in both colored and clear glass up through the 1990s. Many of the Wright shapes–like the goblet, creamer and lamp–were never made in the original 19th century line.

Wright Glass closed in 1997 and its molds were sold in 1999. Most of Wright's Eyewinker molds were purchased by Mosser Glass which is assumed to be making the opalescent pieces described in this report.

The shape of the three-legged piece from 2003 is slightly different from the Wright version shown in Fig. 2. Wright's piece has a nearly vertical rim. Rims on the opalescent versions are flared.


Fig. 1 Flared rims are on this new blue opalescent 6-inch, 3-footed shape.


Fig. 2 The L.G. Wright reproduction Eyewinker, made ca. 1964-1990s, has straight-sided rims, not flared rims.