New Art Deco Silver PlateBy

New Art Deco Silver Plate

New silver-plated objects in the Art Deco or Art Moderne style are on the market. The new items were made in India and sold in the United States by a west coast importer.

Four different samples were purchased. A 4" candlestick, 6½" candlestick, a 10" vase and 3" high wine bottle coaster. All the samples have hand soldered globes and an applied ring on the top rim. All the samples tested were plated with genuine silver; thickness of the plating is unknown. The base metal is cast from brass and pot metal. The candlesticks are unusually heavy; the vase is unusually lightweight.

None of the pieces have any permanent mark. All of the samples had removable "Made in India" paper labels. Prices were all under $20 each wholesale.


Fig. 1 New silver plate in Art Deco style, 3" to 10" high. Left to right: 6½" candlestick, 10" vase, 3" high wine bottle coaster.


Fig. 2 Detail of top rims on new silver-plated pieces.