Mickey Mouse Guitar ReissuedBy

Mickey Mouse Guitar Reissued

Many babyboomers remember watching Mouseketeer Jimmy Dodd playing "Who's the leader of the band" on his guitar during the Mickey Mouse Club television series. Some lucky few may have even coerced their parents into buying a child-sized plastic guitar that automatically played the Club's theme song.

If mom and dad said no back in 1957, start looking again. That same 14-inch guitar first introduced 46 years ago might be found again. Mattel, who made the original, reissued the piece in 1998.

New guitars are virtually identical to originals. Both are made of black plastic with an applied paper label on the front of the body. Turning a crank on the side produces a music box rendition of "Who's the leader." Look at the very small fine print at the bottom of the paper label and you'll find a 1998 copyright date.