More new milk glass marked McKeeBy

More new milk glass marked McKee

New milk glass with the molded McKee script mark first started appearing in 1998. At that time, the only documented script McKee-marked reproduction was the double-humped camel covered dish. Other new pieces were rumored to exist, but none were proven. Three more new pieces with the McKee script mark were found in 1999.

No new piece marked McKee was ever made by McKee. The three new pieces include a figural buffalo paperweight originally made by the Indiana Tumbler and Goblet Works (Greentown); the so-called "wavy base" duck covered dish originally made by Challinor-Taylor and a humpback rabbit covered dish, original maker unknown but not McKee. The buffalo and duck are in white milk glass, the rabbit is dark green glass.

The new McKee script mark is molded in both old and new pieces. New McKee script marks end in a rounded curve (Fig. 1). The original script McKee mark hooks back towards the full word (Fig. 2).

All the new pieces marked McKee were made by Summit Glass. Since none of the McKee items were listed in Summit's general price list, it's assumed but not known for sure, that the McKee pieces were private mold work.

Original McKee animals and covered dishes with authentic script marks are among the rarest and most expensive pieces of milk glass. Depending on subject, some pieces sell for over $2,000. An original Greentown milk glass buffalo sells for $300-$500.

Thanks to Frank Chiarenza, President of the National Milk Glass Society for alerting ACRN to the additional McKee reproductions.


Fig. 1 New raised molded letter McKee script mark on reproductions. Note that leg of the letter "K" ends in large semicircular curve. The legs of the letter "M" are of equal length.


Fig. 2 Original raised molded letter McKee script signature. Note how the leg of the letter "K" loops back towards the letter "E". The first leg of the letter "M" is longer than the other leg.


Fig .3 New figural buffalo paperweight with new McKee script mark made by Summit Glass. Original buffalo paperweight was made by Indiana Glass & Tumbler (Greentown), not McKee.


Fig. 4 Original buffalo paperweight by Greentown. The original has an opening between leg and head (arrow). New paperweights are solid glass in this area.


Fig. 5 Original wavy base duck dish by Chalinor-Taylo. Previously reproduced in original mold by Westmoreland and Fenton. More recently reproduced by Summit Glass with the script McKee mark. The old lid separates at the base rim (arrow).


Fig. 6 L.G. Wright "knock-off" of wavy base duck separates about one inch above the wide flat rim. Made in a variety of colors including milk glass with blue head and various colors of slag and colored transparent glass. No Wright pieces are marked.