More High Priced Lunch Boxes ReproducedBy

More High Priced Lunch Boxes Reproduced

The number of classic metal lunch boxes back in production just keeps growing. Two of the victims are the Lost in Space and Underdog.

Original domed Lost in Space boxes were made by Thermos in 1967 and valued at $400+ in current markets. Original Underdog boxes were a product of Ohio Art and issued in 1974, valued at around $550+ in the current market. The new Underdog retailed for $12; the new Lost in Space retailed for $25.

These two designs join a growing list of other classic metal lunch boxes whose originals sell in the several hundred dollar and up range. All of the new boxes ACRN has seen so far are being made in China. Most new boxes also include new vacuum bottles.

Most, but not all, new thermos bottles and lunch boxes seen have been permanently marked "China" somewhere in the design. The lettering is not large and sometimes takes some searching to locate. We have not seen any original company name appear on the reproductions.

Virtually all original metal lunch boxes of interest to American collectors were made in the United States during the 1950s-60s and early 70s. Most are marked "United States" or "Made in United States" with the manufacturer's name such as Aladdin Industries, Thermos, Ohio Art, and others. If a box does not carry either a major manufacturer's name or some mention of being made in America, be very suspicious.

Other boxes reproduced include Lone Ranger, Roy Rogers, Howdy Doody, Tom Corbett and others.