Molds of L.G. Wright:By

Molds of L.G. Wright:

the complete auction buyer's list

On May 27, 1999, approximately 700 molds of the closed L.G. Wright Glass Company were sold at auction. Below is a complete list of ALL Wright mold buyers. The list appears through a special arrangement with Johanna Billings who attended the auction and compiled the list with information provided to her by the auctioneer.

This list is important because, with minor exceptions, molds went to buyers who intend to use them for commercial production. Of most concern should be that two reproduction wholesalers, AA Imports of St. Louis, MO and Castle Reproductions of Hawely, PA, bid jointly to buy 147 molds. Reproduction glassware currently sold by these two firms is unmarked and pieces made in their Wright molds will likely be unmarked as well.

Although the balance of the molds were purchased by Fenton, Mosser and other makers who do permanently mark their glass, future pieces from Wright molds will still create confusion unless a clear record of mold ownership is made public.

The most prominent non-commercial bidder was the National Milk Glass Collectors Society (NMGCS) which purchased 11 molds. According to Dee Sacherich, NMGCS Treasurer, the molds will be used to produce club commemoratives and will be fully marked.

Confusing patterns since the 1930s

Wright's glass and the molds that made it, have caused confusion and controversy among antique collectors ever since the company was founded in 1937 by Lawrence "Si" Wright. That's because Wright, unlike any other glass company at the time, based its entire line on reproductions and reissues of antique patterns and shapes.

Wright, who at one time had only the word "Antiques" on his business card was one of the first to capitalize on American interest in early pattern glass. By 1938 Wright had new molds designed to make at what that time were reproductions of some of the most popular antique patterns including Baltimore Pear, Daisy and Button, Lion, Three Face and Westward Ho. Wright Glass continued to specialize in reproductions and reissues until it closed in 1998.

The majority by far of Wright's glass was made from new molds, not original molds. All Wright's Three Face, Westward Ho, and Maize for example, are from new molds. However, Wright did own and use a number of original molds from the old Northwood and Dugan Glass companies (Argonaut, Cherry, Pony, Stork and Rushes, etc).

Although it owned the molds, the Wright company never mixed glass or pressed any glass. Molds were jobbed out for the actual working to a variety of glass factories including Fenton, Mosser, Westmoreland, Gibson, Summit, Viking and others.


Interest in Wright glass was stimulated by The L. G. Wright Glass Company, James Measell & W.C. "Red' Roetteis" (© 1997, Antique Publications, 192 pages, $34.95). Until the auction of the molds, some Wright glass–particularly lamps and other pieces made for Wright by Fenton–were attracting collectors' notice and prices were on the rise.

Due to space considerations, not all parts and pieces sold as molds have been included in the list below. Where a pattern was not known, a descriptive generic name has been used.

Some authors use the word "mould" rather than "mold". Mould is how the word is spelled in England; mold is the more common American usage. Either is correct.

Castle/AA — 147 molds

Argonaut butter base and cover

Argonaut 10" oval bowl

Argonaut sugar base & cover

Argonaut creamer

Argonaut 5" oval bowl

Argonaut stemmed jelly

Argonaut tumbler

Cherry goblet

Cherry low footed bowl

Cherry water pitcher

Cherry tumbler

10" Cherry bowl

Cherry iced tea

Cherry creamer

Cherry water pitcher

Daisy & Button handled nappy/pickle

Daisy & Button 4″ cover & 8″ candy jar

Daisy & Button Horseshoe top & bottom Daisy

Daisy & Button butter cover & Button skillet

Daisy & Button 6″ oval bowl

Daisy & Button base and cover

Lg. Daisy & Button wall planter

Daisy & Button cart ashtray

Daisy & Button boat shaped dish

Daisy & Button 6″ 4-toed planter

Daisy & Button basket

Daisy & Button cruet

Daisy & Button anvil ashtray

Daisy & Button med. 4-wheel cart

Daisy & Button small wall planter

Daisy & Button square ashtray & nappy

Lg. Daisy & Button cart

Lg. Daisy & Button shell footed bowl

Small Daisy & Button cube sugar

10″ Daisy & Button plate

11.5″ Daisy & Button canoe

Daisy & Button water pitcher

Embossed Rose Butter base and cover

Embossed Rose bowl w/feet

Grape & Fruit nappy shell

Grape shaving mug

Grape Lattice tumbler

6-toed Grape Delight bowl

Hobnail cruet

Hobnail finger bowl and cover

Hobnail sugar & handled creamer

Hobnail salt shaker

9″ Maize vase

7″ Maize vase

Stipple Star fount

Stipple Star 8″ compote & cover

Stipple Star sugar & cover

Stipple Star wine lg. Stipple Star lamp base

Stipple Star 6″ cover, footed creamer and fairy shade pressed

Stipple Star 8″ ball shade & goblet

Stork & Rushes mug

Stork & Rushes 4″ nappy

Strawberry & Currant goblet

Strawberry & Currant mug

Strawberry & Currant creamer

Three Face 6″ compote & cover

Three Face sugar shaker

Three Face creamer & sugar

Three Face sugar low compote base

Three Face spooner

Three Face claret goblet

Three Face sherbet cover

Three Face goblet

Three Face salt shaker


Westward Ho

Westward Ho celery

Westward Ho tumbler

Westward Ho sherbet w/cover

Westward Ho sugar & cover

Westward Ho goblet

Westward Ho butter base & cover

Westward Ho 6″ compote & cover

Westward Ho creamer

Westward Ho footed wine

Westward Ho 7″ low oval compote w/cover

Westward Ho 5″ round compote and cover (illus)

Wild Rose 4″ goblet

Wild Rose tall candy w/cover Misc. pieces:

Butterfly ashtray

Panel Daisy ashtray, large

Sm. barber bottle

Fluted barber bottle

Barber bottle

Bowl w/flowers

2-handled bird bowl

10″ oval fruit bowl

Greetings Chick on eggs shallow bowl

S Quill bowl

3-panel 3-footed bowl

Flower bowl

10″ oval double handled bowl

Candy box

Cabbage Leaf compote & cover

3-toed open compote w/dalias

Wild Flower creamer & sugar

S Repeat creamer & cruet

Lion egg cup

Grasshopper mold


Morning Glory wine & sherbet w/cover, goblet & champagne

9-panel champagne

Floral & Grape tumbler

Sm. stemmed wine w/butterfly

Fish mug

Perfume bottle stopper

Bird perfume bottle stopper

Fish toothpick

5″ owl base

Small wall pocket

Northwood sauce dish

6″ floral pressed nappy

Peacock plunger, Holly plunger, 5 shells, Holly

Flaring plate & crimper

Tall vase w/bird

Hand vase

11″ vase w/unknown pattern

Vintage mold

Bell man with musket and flag

Hanging Flame shade

Shade crimper & pattern vase

7″ Diamond fount Dogwood

Round fount

#5 Fluted fount

Square Fount


Fenton - 202 molds

Wheat & Barley goblet

Feather goblet

Baltimore pear goblet

Lamp break 3rd piece

Beaded Curtain shade 5″ dia.

Goblet & inverted dot

Grape ball shade

Unidentified shade

Plain shade, lg.

Big Four Fount 6 petal poinsettia

9″ vase

Plain vase

7″ half shade

Extra large shade

Blog goblet

Unknown lg. blown mold

Plain ball fount

Lg. Gothic lamp base

8″ ball shade

Shell & Tassel sq. compote cover

Horn of Plenty goblet

Twig vase, 3″ crimped

Tree of Life compote & cover

7″ dia. round font — $55

2-handle basket, Basketweave pattern

Unknown mold

12″ plain vase

10″ plain vase

Plain bottle

10″ lamp break or vase

Lamp break


Embossed Rose triangle fairy lamp

2 sm Wild Rose wines

Priscilla wine

Wild Flower wine

Wild Flower 6″ compote & cover

Wild Flower goblet

Beaded Grape goblet

Stork & Rushes tumbler (illus)


Set of molds for Stork & Rushes pitcher and tumbler sold for $2,600. As seen in 1975 catalog supplement.

Stork & Rushes water pitcher (illus)

Sawtooth footed ice tea

Sawtooth goblet, wine, sherbet & toothpick

Mirror & Rose wine

Moon & Stars decanter stopper

Moon & Stars wine

6.5″ round Daisy & Button cheese plate & cover, Daisy & Button mini sleigh

5″ Sq. Daisy & Button sauce

6″ Sq. Daisy & Button compote & cover

Daisy & Button wine TP panel

Daisy & Button triangle tray

3″ Daisy & Button toy lamp shade

5″ Daisy & Button rose bowl

Daisy & Button playe

Daisy & Button sauce & fan dish

Daisy & Button 6″ oval cover

Daisy & Button shaker

Daisy & Button triangle toothpick

Daisy & Button sauce

Daisy Cube goblet

Daisy & Button sq. sherbet

Sm. Daisy & Button shell footed bowl

Daisy & Button sugar & cover

Daisy & Button fan toothpick

1000 Eye goblet

5″ Duck cover & base

5″ lamb cover

5″ base

Rabbit match holder

5″ swan cover

5″ Rooster cover

5″ turkey cover

Goblet, Panel Daisy

5″ Daisy & Button finger bowl

Lg. Daisy & Button fan tray

Daisy & Button plate

5″ Daisy & Button round honey base

Daisy Cube Toy lamp base

Daisy & Button tumbler

4″ Daisy & Button compote base

Daisy & Button goblet

Daisy & Button mini butter tub

4″ oval Daisy & Button toed bowl

4″ Daisy & Button slipper

Daisy & Button 4-footed bowl

Daisy & Button goblet panel

Daisy & Button Star sauce

Daisy & Button sq. creamer

4.5″ round Daisy & Button cover & compote

8″ Daisy & Button round tray

Daisy & Button 3 toed base w/cover

Sm. footed sauce w/Dugan & Diamonds

Circle Scroll tumbler

Drape & Star bowl

Sm. Drape & Star bowl

Unknown mold

Flower frog

4-hole epergne holder

Basketweave base

Moon & Stars wine

Wild Rose tea

Unknown mold

Original Dugan Cosmos flower bowl

Unknown mold

Double Wedding Ring toothpick

Double Wedding Ring compote & cover

Beaded lamp break

5″ Embossed Rose sm. round font

Lattice plate

Pear fount

6″ small break

Lg. blown pattern shade

32 unknown molds & extra parts

Daisy & Button square sugar

Thistle Honey Base & cover

Daisy & Button star bowl

Lg. Thistle sugar & cover

5.5″ Thistle bowl

Thistle toothpick

Heavy Iris pitcher & cup

Candle cup & holder

Sm. Thistle creamer & sauce

Sm. lamp break

Apothecary cover

11″ fount

Lg. fount

13″ ball vase

Lg. fount

Beaded fount

Candy jar cover

Lg. Embossed Rose fount

10″ Embossed Rose half shade


Beaded round fount

Slim vase

12 Panel sherbet

Perfume stopper

Very ornate perfume bottle stopper

Daisy & Button wine

Good unknown mold

Thistle salt shaker

Thistle sugar shaker

Handled compote

Star & Fan goblet

Double Wedding Ring wine

Double Wedding Ring sherbet & cover

4″ Priscilla sauce


Cruet stopper

Tall creamer

Round cruet

Vine cruet

Fluted cruet

Unknown mold

8″ vase

Grape stopper

Cherry open sugar

Grape decanter

Teepee cruet

Lg. Thistle creamer

Sm. Thistle sugar & cover

6″ Embossed Rose candy & cover

Sm. beaded bowl w/2 plungers

10″ Maize ball shade w/9″ Maize bottom plate

4″ shade

10″ vase

Moon & Star decanter

Daisy & Button pear fount blown

Embossed Rose candy box & cover


Lg. spot mold Thumb Print

Scroll syrup jug

8″ vase

Eye Dot & Daisy spot mold

Fairy lamp shade

Maize sugar shaker

6″ diam. gas plain shade

Student shade

Embossed Rose rose bowl

E Base shade, plain

Toy shade, ball

Maize pickle jar

11″ ball shade

Bottom & large beaded bowl

10″ vase

Maize tumbler

Double Wedding Ring goblet

Lg. Orchid ball shade & fount

8″ diam. fount

Thistle vase

8″ Embossed Rose ball shade

Lg. lamp break plain

8″ ball spot mold Thumbprint

Atterbury Duck bottom

Weishar Enterprises - 53 molds

12″ Moon & Stars tray

8″ Moon & Stars compote

Moon & Stars salt dip

8″ Moon & Stars nappy

8″ Moon & Stars cover

6″ Moon & Stars vase

10″ round Moon & Stars plate

6″ Moon & Stars compote

Moon & Stars iced tea tumbler

Moon & Stars toothpick

Moon & Stars 1 handled nappy, arrow

Lg. Moon & Stars pickle tray

Moon & Stars epergne cone pressed

Moon & Stars cover w/2 shells

Moon & Stars short lamp base

Moon & Stars compote cover

Moon & Stars fairy lamp

2 - 4″Moon & Stars compote

6″Moon & Stars candlestick

2 Moon & Stars cover w/extra pieces

Moon & Stars stem sherbet

Moon & Stars footed open compote

Moon & Stars mini lamp shade

Moon & Stars tumbler

Moon & Stars butter base & cover

Sm. Moon & Stars lamp fount

9″ Moon & Stars candlestick

2- 6″ Moon & Stars compotes

6″ Moon & Stars compote cover

7″ Moon & Stars flower vase

Lg. Moon & Stars toothpick

8″ Moon & Stars ashtray

Moon & Stars lg. lamp base

5″ Moon & Stars ashtray

Moon & Stars plate w/flared scallop

Moon & Stars oval relish

6″ Moon & Stars low compote

8″ Moon & Stars rectangular relish

Moon & Stars goblet

Lg. Moon & Stars sugar

Moon & Stars water pitcher

Moon & Stars spooner

Moon & Stars champagne

Moon & Stars goblet

Moon & Stars egg cup

Moon & Stars spooner

Moon & Stars soap dish

Moon & Stars finger bowl

Moon & Stars salt shaker

Moon & Stars sugar shaker & tools

Moon & Stars syrup jug

Moon & Stars goblet

Moon & Stars cruet

Aladdin Mantle Lamp Co. - 31 molds

6 unidentified molds & 1 mold part

Diamond fount Dot or Lace

7″ sm. round fount

6″ Maize fount

lg. Maize fount

12″ Maize ball shade

7″ Maize half shade


The mold for the Three Face lamp sold for $1,000. This shape never existed in the original line.

3 Face lamp base & fount (illus)

Sm. round base

Violin base & cover

Stove cover

Stove base

Lg. Quill lamp shade

Corn Cob vase

Violin ashtray

Rose pressed fairy lamp

Hobnail fairy lamp shade & base

Daisy & Button flat iron base & cover

Old perfume bottle

Toy Plume base & half shade

Toy lamp Beaded ball base & shade

Thistle fairy lamp base & shade

#6 Fluted fount

Pear fount

Pear fount

Syrup jug

Lamp fount

King Crown lamp base w/extra ring

Toy half shade & base

Lg. sq. lamp base

Maize candy base & cover

New Old Products- 5 molds

Panel Daisy relish

Ornate bottle

Scrap mold

8″ ball shade

Sm. unknown mold

Fuhrman Glass Studios - 8 molds

Lg. lamp break

12 X 8″ Lg. flame shade

Lion open mouth lamp base

8″ Stippled blown shade

Lamp break

Unknown mold


Compote cover w/chicken

Unknown bidder # 126

Basketweave base

Duck Soup Sales & Antiques

Morning Glory wine

8″ Daisy & Button 3-part relish tray

Gibson Glass - 29 molds

Wild Flower crescent salt dip

Moon & Stars footed candy & cover

Stork & Rushes sugar & cover, creamer

2 handled basket toothpick

Rooster toothpick

Beaded Shell mug

Sm. Daisy & Buitton mold, unknown

Double Wedding Ring salt dip

5″ Cherry butter cover

Sugar shaker


Sm. rose bowl

Salt vine

3 Stump toothpick

Daisy & Button bone tray

Thistle open sugar

3 stopper mold

2 unknown pressed molds

Spooner blown mold

Finger bowl

Beaded Cherry tumbler

Bottle w/threaded top

Milk pitcher

12″ vase w/7 petal flower on neck

12″ Lattice/Grape jug

Water pitcher/vase

Wildflower stick candy dish, 4″ compote & cover

Mirror & Rose salt shaker

National Milk Glass Collectors Society

5″ rabbit cover & base

7″ frig base & cover

9″ rabbit base & top

Lg. knobby back turtle base & cover (illus)

5″ hen cover

5″ Owl cover

5″ cat cover

5″ bird cover

5″ dog cover

5″ frog cover

5″ turtle cover


Wilkerson Glass

4-1/2″ nappy

Unknown mold

Double Wedding Ring short stemmed tumbler

Pear plate

Leaf bowl

5″ Lattice twig nappy

8″ Double Wedding Ring plate

Priscilla ashtray

Unknown bidder #152 - 49 molds

Ribbed Palm goblet

Herringbone goblet

Tree of Life 7″ fan shaped relish

Tree of Life wine

Tree of Life goblet

Tree of Life 5″ nappy

Tree of Life 4″ diam. 3 toed sauce

Cable goblet

Acorn goblet

Plume goblet

Old rabbit plate

Melon candy base & cover

Leaf ashtray

Basketweave juice

Hobnail goblet

S Repeat wine & sherbet & toothpick

Twig tumbler

7″ fish base & cover

Fish Block cover 2

Priscilla sauce

Priscilla compote & cover

6″ Priscilla plate/nappy

Leaf vase

S Repeat goblet

Thistle sq. plate

Thistle water pitcher

Priscilla goblet

Thistle goblet

Thistle tumbler

Thistle sherbet

Priscilla toothpick

Lg. Thistle compote cover & base w/extra plunger,

Thistle sauce

7″ Thistle round plate


Mold for 7½″ Thistle pattern bowl brought $3,200.

Thistle relish

Thistle oval bowl

Thistle goblet

10″ Thistle plate

Squirrel Acorn base w/cover

Thistle oval relish

7.5″ Thistle bowl (illus)

4″ Priscilla compote & cover

Sm. Thistle compote & cover

Thistle handled sauce + plunger for candle well

Thistle low bowl & cover

Mosser Glass- 124 molds

Plain vase/jug

Sweetheart & Flowers compote

Dahlia goblet

Wild Rose spooner

Panel Grape tumbler

Eye Winker butter cover, honey cover & base

Eye Winker marmalade jar & cover

Eye Winker tumbler

4″ Eye Winker sauce

Eye Winker sugar & cover

Eye Winker wine

5″ Eye Winker plate

5″ Eye Winker compote & cover

Eye Winker creamer

Eye Winker sherbet & cover

8″ Eye Winker vase

Eye Winker ashtray

8″ Eye Winker relish, deep

7″ Eye Winker footed bowl

Eye Winker water pitcher

Strawberry & Currant goble

1 pump mold, 2 trough molds

Basket w/1 handle, Weave pattern

Basket w/1 handle, Weave pattern

Deer & Pine Tree goblet

Heron goblet

Shell & Tassel goblet

Frosted Ribbon goblet

Broken Column goblet

Rose & Sprague goblet

Artichoke goblet

Strawberry & Currant goblet

Baltimore Pear goblet

Morning Glory goblet

Cardinal goblet

6″ Panel Grape compote & cover

9-1/2″ Panel Grape bowl

Panel Grape punch cup

8″ Panel Grape salad plate & bowl

Panel Grape sherbet

Lg. Panel Grape sugar & cover

Panel Grape creamer

Panel Grape goblet

Panel Grape ice tea

4″ Panel Grape sauce

Panel Grape wine

Sm. Panel Grape creamer & sugar

Fruit goblet

3″ hen base & cover

4″ Jersey Swirl footed sauce

5″ Jersey Swirl compote, hi footed

10″ Jersey Swirl plate

Rambler Rose jug

Northwood Rambler Rose tumbler

Grapevine Lattice tall jug (illus)


Wright's Grapevine Lattice pattern was produced in an original Dugan Glass mold. As shown in 1978 Wright catalog supplement.

Floral & Grape tumbler

Maple Leaf goblet

Leaf 3-part stem base

Maple Leaf stemmed compote

Maple Leaf creamer

Jersey Swirl wine

Stipple Star salt dip

Sweetheart toothpick

Sweetheart creamer

Sweetheart sauce

Sweetheart wine

Sweetheart pickle boat

Dugan Beaded Grape punch bowl

Jersey Swirl goblet

Jersey Swirl hi footed compote

8″ tobacco jar

Jersey Swirl master salt

12 oz. ice tea

Panel Grape jug

4″ Jersey Swirl cover

Jersey Swirl salt dip

4″ tobacco jar

Jersey Swirl wine

Lg. Daisy & Button sleigh

7.5″ tobacco jar

Panel Grape sherbet

Panel Grape vase

Panel Grape cup & cordial

Panel Grape bowl


The mold that makes this 9″ turkey jar sold for $10,000 to Mosser Glass.

Turkey jar, base & cover, 9″ size (illus)

Maple Leaf water pitcher

7″ hen base & cover

Sm. Daisy & Fern spot mold

Maple Leaf spooner

Maple Leaf sugar & cover

Daisy & Fern spot mold

Maple Leaf toothpick

Daisy & Fern spot mold

Maple Leaf butter base & cover

Lg. Daisy & Fern spot mold

Maple Leaf tumbler

Lg. Daisy & Fern spot mold

Milk pitcher

Eye Winker goblet

Eye Winker fairy lamp shade & base

5″ Eye winker oval bowl

6″ Eye Winker vase

Harvest Flower pitcher & tumbler

Eye Winker toothpick

Sm. sleigh w/extra candle well plunger

Eye Winker salt dip

Jersey Swirl cover

Daisy & Fern spot mold

Sweetheart goblet

Eye Winker salt shaker

6″ tobacco jar

Cannon ball jug

Tobacco jar cover

5″ tobacco jar

Sm. Snowflake spot mold

Lg. Snowflake spot mold

Sm. Fern & Daisy spot mold

6″ Eye Winker compote & cover

8″ Sweetheart lamp base

Floral vase w/old footed

Sweetheart sugar & cover

Sweetheart bowl

Wholesale Glass 11 molds

Lg. floral pattern bowl

Plate Leaf

Thistle spooner

Thistle butter cover & base

Swan salt dip

Cherry salt dip

3 Face salt dip

Daisy & Button spooner

Mirror & Rose spooner

Cherry toothpick

3 light toy candle

Red Rotteis

Cardinal Creamer

Mirror & Rose goblet

(for David Schepps by Red Rotteis)

Frog salt dip

Frog toothpick

John Magyar

Unknown mold

2 lg. plungers

Plain base

Unknown mold

Belinda Bland

Pattern goblet

2 Panel goblet

Unknown bidder

short sugar or creamer

7″ Cherry vase

Mellon 2-handled relish

6″ S Repeat nappy

Wild Flower 6″ vase

Diamond quilted wine

Sm. ribbed base

Beehive base & cover

Argonaut toothpick

Wild Flower rectangular salt dip

Daisy & Button candleholder

unknown mold

Ferdinand cover & base

Unknown bidder #157

Sm. Scroll blown fount

Short Scroll fount

Scroll ball shade

7″ Mellon shade


God & Home pitcher and tumbler mold sold for $2,000.

Unknown bidder #146

God & Home water pitcher, tumbler (illus)

Door knob

Cabbage Leaf wine


Bird salt dip

Unknown bidder #160

Original 2-handled basket

12 assorted molds

2″ Stylized floral motif K/O bottom

Sm. Cherry oval bowl

8″ Cherry bowl

Cherry Scroll footed compote

12″ Cherry bowl

Stork & Rushes spooner

Stork & Rushes bowl

Unknown bidder # 164

S Repeat cup

Unknown bidder #168

Dolphin compote

Unknown bidder

Strawberry & Currant wine

Unknown bidder # 98

Daisy & Button toothpick

Daisy & Button salt dip

Daisy & Button triangle salt dip

Unknown bidder #99

Cabbage Leaf goblet

3.5″ nappy

Unknown bidder # 164

S Repeat cup

Unknown bidder #168

Dolphin compote

Jean Bryant

Daisy & Button shoe

Daisy & Button slipper

Unknown bidder #136

6″ Flame shade for fairy lamp

4″ Priscilla rose bowl

Unknown bidder #137

Plain shade

Unknown bidder #105

Original Dugan swan mold


Catalog Page A Wright's Thistle was copied from Paneled Thistle, a pattern originally introduced by Higbee Glass in the early 1900s. All of Wright's Thistle has been made since 1948 in in new molds. Over forty Wright shapes were made. Many shapes, like a handled basket, candleholder, fairy lamp, salt dip and others, were never produced in the original line. Many, but not all, of Wright's Thistle reproductions include a confusing copy of a molded bee with wings spread which is nearly identical to the original Higbee trademark. Catalog page ca. 1972.


Catalog Page B Wright began reproducing the Westward Ho pattern from new molds as early as 1937. Many of Wright's 13 shapes such as the oil lamp and tumbler were never made in the original line.The original pattern was introduced by Gillinder Glass Company around 1879. Gillinder's name for the pattern was Pioneer. Catalog page ca. 1972.


Catalog Page C Original Three Face was first made by Duncan Glass (Duncan & Sons) in 1878. Wright began making look-alikes in new molds in the 1930s. Eventually Wright made Three Face copies in 14 shapes; twelve of those are shown in this catalog page. Like other Victorian patterns Wright copied, the Wright Three Face was made in a number of shapes that never existed in the original line such as the massive sugar shaker seen third from left in the bottom row. Catalog page ca. 1972.

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