Modern Van Briggle Has Confusing MarksBy

Modern Van Briggle Has Confusing Marks

Van Briggle pottery has been made continuously from 1901 until the present day. Dating modern and current pieces can be challenging. The word "Original" in marks, for example, has been used since the 1920s. Original in the mark indicates a piece was thrown on a wheel rather than poured in a mold. Modern pieces made today with Original in the mark are not particularly more desirable than pieces without the mark.


Fig. 1 Modern Van Briggle Pottery 3½-inch vase with high gloss glaze. Dark blue background with maroon and white spattered band around top rim. Note slightly irregular shape due to hand throwing on wheel. Virtually no gloss glazes were made before 1955.


Fig. 2 The mark on the bottom of the 3½-inch vase shown above. The word "Original" in the mark identifies this as a wheel thrown piece as opposed to a piece made in a mold. CS is used by some contemporary Van Briggle finishers to indicate Colorado Springs.

Van Briggle is no longer in operation.

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