McKee split rib base copiedBy

McKee split rib base copied

A reproduction of the classic McKee split rib base is out in the market with the new script McKee mark. Thirty five new bases were offered through an Internet auction beginning April 22, 1999 for a minimum bid of $50 each. The auction closed on April 23 with no bids received.

Reproduction bases are important market news because new bases can be matched with genuinely old lids and the entire piece sold as authentic. The quickest way to identify new and old script marked bases is by comparing molded details of the mark. Carefully examine close up photos from other articles showing the differences between new and old McKee script marks.

The bases are called "split rib" because narrow vertical ribs run alternately from top and bottom rims. Longer top ribs extend down into the space between shorter ribs which begin at the bottom rim.


The distinctive split rib base is a hallmark of McKee covered dishes. Shown here are four original bases with their original tops.