Mayfair (Open Rose) Cookie JarBy

Mayfair (Open Rose)
Cookie Jar


The Mayfair pattern, also called Open Rose, has been reproduced since 1977. Original cookie jars were made in pink, blue, green and yellow. Reproductions have been made in pink, green, amethyst, cobalt blue and red.

The knobs on old lids are eight sided. It has four long sides connected by 4 short lines in the corners; new lids have only six sides. You can remember the difference by comparing the shape of the knob to the shape of the lid. The old knobs and old lids each have 8 sides.

Another difference between old and new lids is in the scroll-like border on the sides of the lid. On old lids, this line is nearly flat on either side of the center "V". In new lids this line has curves on either side of the center "V".

If you turn an old jar upside down, you'll find a raised circle created in the manufacturing process. This circle measures about 1 3/4" in diameter but can vary in size. Bottoms on new jars are smooth and do not have this raised circle.

It has generally been thought that old green jars fluoresce under long wave black light and new green jars do not. This may have been true once but may not be true now. We have several recent samples of new green Depression glass that does fluoresce. So use the black light test with caution.

Use the information in this article only on the specific shape, colors and pattern discussed. Do not apply the information to other shapes in the same pattern or other patterns in the same colors.

NewKnob and border on lidOld


Fig. 1


Fig. 2 New Border


Fig. 3 Old Border


Fig. 4 Bottom of new jar


Fig. 5 Bottom of old jar