Lithographed Board Games in Victorian StyleBy

Lithographed Board Games in Victorian Style

An American importer offered a series of Spanish-made games very similar in appearance to board games made during the Victorian era, ca. 1840-1900. The games are constructed of wood and paper with most pieces ornamented with multicolored lithographs. Most games include many small pieces such as wooden markers, chips, tokens and board pieces. A variety of games are offered ranging in price from $29-$45 retail. Boxes for all the games have large colorful lithographs.

The games are made by Juegos Cayro. Juegos is Spanish for games; Cayro is a Spanish city. The company name, Juegos Cayro, appears on almost all the lithography. Juegos also appears in large letters in the title of the game lithographed on the box.


Fig. 1 Box for new lithographed board game.


Fig. 2 Board with accessories shown. New games are made in Spain.