Lalique-like figures tracedBy

Lalique-Like Figures Traced

These 3-D busts of frosted glass have almost always been seen offered as "Lalique-type" or attributed to some other pre-WWII French glass company. ACRN traced the figures to an early 1970s brochure of AA Importing Co., an American antique reproduction wholesaler.

The figures, which are types of pedestal paperweights, are slightly over 3″ high each. A raised crown on the chest of the man and a star-like design on the woman led many to think, incorrectly, the pieces were British or other royal family coronation commemorative. The country of origin or manufacturer of these pieces is unknown.


Fig. 1 These new frosted glass figural paperweights have frequently sold as pre-WWII French glass. They only date back to ca. 1970. Manufacturer unknown.


Fig. 2 Photo of original catalog page offering the frosted glass paperweights of man, woman and dog. From an undated AA Importing Co. brochure, ca. 1970-72. Note the price of $7 per set of three figures.