Lacy Medallion Toothpick HoldersBy

Lacy Medallion Toothpick Holders

Original Lacy Medallion was produced by U.S. Glass Company, ca. 1905. Old colors include clear crystal, transparent green, clear with ruby flashing and cobalt blue.

The toothpick in this pattern has been reproduced in a new mold by Summit Art Glass Company since ca. 1977. Some of the new colors include amethyst, clear, green, blue and amber. The pattern areas in the new pieces are decorated with heavy gold paint. New toothpicks are said by some to have been available from the factory with souvenir messages already applied. ACRN has not been able to confirm that information.

The most obvious difference between new and old can be seen by examining the top rim. In the new toothpicks, there is a distinct mold ridge around the entire rim. Old rims are smooth and do not have the ridge. New toothpicks also have a deeper flare to the top rim and the glass is generally heavier and thicker than the original.

New pieces directly from the factory show no wear on the gold although artificial wear may be added later. Gold on original pieces should show some wear consistent with its age and use. The entire pattern is gold decorated on all the new pieces ACRN examined. Gold was applied in a variety of combinations on old pieces. Wholesale price of new toothpicks is under $10.



Fig 2.

Illustrated cross section of top rim in new and old Lacy Medallion toothpick holders. Note ridge and deeper curve in rim of new toothpick shown on left. The old rim does not flare out as much and is perfectly rounded.


Fig 3. Close up photo showing ridge around the top rim of the new Lacy Medallion toothpick on the left. Top rim of an old Lacy Medallion toothpick shown on right for comparison.