Jeanette Jadite Reamer ReproducedBy

Jeanette Jadite Reamer Reproduced

New jadite reamers have been made which are virtually identical to vintage reamers made by Jeanette Glass Co. (Fig. 1). The new reamers sold for $9 each. Originals typically bring an average of $60 to $80.

The most obvious difference between new and old is their appearance under ultraviolet light, commonly called black light. The original reamer fluoresces a bright yellow-green. The new reamer has no reaction. Pocket-size 6-inch black lights are adequate to do the testing when held above the reamers. Just place the reamer in a shadow such as under a table or in a paper bag.

Most brands of the smaller key chain-size, or mini, black lights will also work in ordinary room light if used properly. But rather than holding the mini lights above, place the tip of the mini directly on the glass. Then view the glass from the opposite side. The beam will fluoresce a spot about the size of a nickel. When the mini is used on the new reamer, the glass does not fluoresce; it changes to a bluish-purple color which is produced by the black light.

You should also examine the spouts on any suspected reamers. Spouts on vintage reamers are fully formed and extend well beyond the rim. New spouts are little more than a slight dent in the rim.

Jadite is a generic name for any opaque pale green glass made by several American glass manufacturers ca. 1920s-1950s. "Jadite" with a capital "J," was a trade name of Jeanette. Anchor Hocking sold the same glass under the trade name "Jade-ite," with a capital "J" and a hyphen.


Fig. 1 New and old orange reamers in jadite. Original made by Jeanette Glass. Co.


Fig. 2 New spouts are barely more than a slight bend or dent in the rim. Old spouts have a much deeper crease and extend well beyond the rim.


Fig. 3 Original Jeanette orange reamers will fluoresce bright yellow-green. You can test the glass in ordinary room lighting by holding a keychain-size black light directly against the glass.


Fig. 4 Original Jeanette Glass Co. Jadite orange reamer as shown in a 1938 catalog.