Jadite Advertising Rolling Pin with Raised Molded LettersBy

Jadite Advertising Rolling Pin with Raised Molded Letters

This new jadite 13¾-inch advertising rolling pin was made in Taiwan and sold for $12.50 wholesale. "BAKERS CHOICE" appears in raised molded letters along the length of the pin. New pins came with a screw-on metal cap.

No authentic pre-1950 jadite has ever been found with raised molded advertising. No old glass rolling pin in any color is known to have Bakers Choice in raised molded glass letters. The purpose of rolling dough is to smooth it. The raised letters would have the opposite effect, cutting through the dough or, at the very least, leaving irregular depressions. Unlike vintage collectible glass rolling pins meant for practical daily use, these new pins are made as "antiques" to be looked at, not used.

The only known authentic pre-1950 jadite rolling pins were made by McKee. Authentic pins appear in two styles: one with raised rings around the handles; the other with smooth tapered handles without rings. The McKee ringed handle-style has been reproduced in modern jadite by Fenton. The smooth handled McKee jadite pin is not known to be reproduced.

One other type of reproduction glass rolling pin with raised glass advertising is known. That new pin is marked Bodicker and Sons in large raised letters. It was made in several transparent colors.