Hatpins from Knife HandlesBy

Hatpins from Knife Handles

For years, faked hatpins have been pieced together from a wide variety of odds and ends. Buttons, broken costume jewelry, charms, and virtually anything else that could be welded, soldered or glued seemed to end up on a hatpin shank. Now faked hatpins have been made up from sterling silver spoon and knife handles.

The handles are chopped off at the blade or bowl and soldered to a hatpin shank. Pins made from sterling silver handles originally retail for $40; a pin made from a mother of pearl handle originally retails for $50. Once in the antiques market the price goes up.

Since handles are genuinely old, they carry old hallmarks and factory trade names. Don't be mislead by marks. No original hatpins were ever made from flatware handles.


Hatpins made from silver spoon and knife handles.