Griswold #50 Heart-Star Pan ReproducedBy

Griswold #50 Heart-Star Pan Reproduced

The #50 is among the most sought after cast iron Griswold pieces with authentic pans selling for $1,250-$1,500.

New pieces are relatively easy to detect with hands-on inspection. Look for a coarse pebbly grain in the cast surface and machine ground seams and edges. Originals have a smooth even finish to the surface and virtually never show grinding marks.

The carbon content of the new cast iron is also different from the carbon content of the old. The difference in carbon produces a red rust on new cast iron. Rust on old cast iron is a dark brown or brown/black.

Originals always have this lettering, "No 50, HEARTS STAR, GRISWOLD, ERIE PA, USA, 959, PATD MAY 18, 1920" cast in the back. Lettering on originals is well formed with letters of equal height. Lettering on reproductions is poorly formed of irregular height with lines of varying thickness.

Be sure to ask very specific questions about these details if bidding or buying sight unseen.