Grape Delight carnival glassBy

Grape Delight carnival glass

The Grape Delight pattern was made originally by Dugan Glass. In 1975, a nut bowl and a covered butter were reproduced by Mosser glass in Grape Delight. New colors were amber and ice blue.

Reproductions can be identified by a fantasy Northwood mark. Since originals were made by Dugan, the N in circle Northwood-style mark is obviously incorrect. Also note that the circle around the N is not complete. All the N marks on the reproductions have this incomplete circle.

The new nut bowl can also be identified by the rim. Rims on original nut bowls flare out. Rims on reproductions are vertical, with no flaring. New butter dish tops are fairly accurate but the bottom is very different. The edge of the old base is beaded; the edge of the new base is plain. Some years later (date unknown) the butter dish was made again in cobalt blue carnival but with the N mark removed so knowing the differences in butter bases is helpful.

Overall, the reproductions show rough crude seams (Fig. 4). Originals are nicely finished with barely noticeable seams. The iridescence on ACRN's reproduction nut bowl is in bad condition. It is flaking off in numerous spots and some areas seemed never to have been iridized.

NOTE: The American Carnival Glass Association owns the N trademark and went to court to stop its use on these reproductions.


Fig. 1 Reproduction Grape Delight nut bowl, ca. 1975. New pieces have confusing N in circle mark.


Fig. 2 Original nut bowl by Dugan. Note flaring rim on old piece. New rim does not flare out.


Fig. 3 Circle N mark that appears in the reproduction. Note that the circle around the N is incomplete (arrow).


Fig. 4 Crude mold seam found on the reproduction Grape Delight nut bowl.

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