Got milk?By

Got milk?

Whoever thought up this reproduction was very creative. It is a 12″ x 18″ bucket-like shape with molded handles and decorated with a large full color transfer. The label itself, "Pure Milk", tells you it is not a genuine country antique.

We're still confused. Is this something English dairymaids would take to the barn and shove under ol' Bessie? Or would it be prominently displayed in the parlor at tea time – "I say, Mildred, be a dear and pass the bucket of Pure Milk to Lady Crumpet, hmmmm?"

Made of poor quality pottery with an off-white background. Priced at $85 at a Midwestern antique mall. Offered in a booth of general merchandise with no note of age on the price tag. No known old counterpart (thank goodness).


Fig. 1


Fig. 2 Detail of colored transfer which has a facsimile signature.


Fig. 3 This mark is on the bottom; no company name.