Forged Moser Mark on New GlassBy

Forged Moser Mark on New Glass

Bohemian and Czech glass authority Robert Truitt has alerted ACRN to a forged Moser mark applied to a wide variety of new glass shapes and forms.

The mark being forged is a script oval style of Moser Karlsbad; the original form is shown below. The original mark is listed in Truitt's book, Collectible Bohemian Glass Vol. II 1915-1945 as in use from about 1911 to around 1938.

Original versions of this mark can be engraved, acid-etched or written in gold. The forgery is etched either by sand blasting or with acid. Letters in the original mark are solid images. Letters in the new forged mark appear as outlines only; the bodies of the new letters are not filled in.

So far the new mark has been found on very obvious pieces of new pressed glass including malachite primarily from the Czech Republic. Moser never made pressed glass. All original Moser is fine hand formed art glass.