Forged Durand MarksBy

Forged Durand Mark

Two pieces of glass were found with forged Durand marks acid stamped in block-style lettering (Fig. 2). Both pieces were new glass with blue iridescent finishes; one a blue fanshaped vase, the other a jack-in-pulpit style piece. Both pieces had rough pontils. Original Durand was never marked with acid stamps and has polished pontils. Most early pieces were marked with a paper label only. Later, Durand was engraved in script by itself or appeared over a large "V".

Original Durand is similar to Tiffany, Steuben, Quezal and other high quality glassware. It was made at the Vineland Glass Manufacturing Company which was owned and operated by Victor Durand, Jr. The company began making art glass in 1924 and discontinued after Durand was killed in a car accident in 1934.


Fig. 1 Authentic Durand marks generally include Durand imposed over a V. Sometimes Durand can also appear inside a circle. All authentic marks are engraved.


Fig. 2 Forged Durand acid stamp mark as seen in the Atlanta, GA area. All permanent original Durand marks are engraved, not acid stamped.