Floral (Poinsettia)By

Floral pattern
(Poinsettia) shakers


Original Floral pattern Depression glass, also known as Poinsettia, was made by the Jeannette Glass Company, ca. 1931-35. Original colors include amber, crystal, delphite, green, pink, red and yellow.

New shakers are appearing in cobalt blue, dark green, pink and red. Shakers in cobalt blue and dark green are obvious reproductions because those colors were never used in original production. The new pink shakers, however, are very close in color and pattern to the originals.

The easiest difference to detect is in the way the threads are molded for the metal tops. In old shakers there is a 1/4" gap in the threads centered over the mold seam. No old threads go over this mold seam (Figs. 1- 2).

In the new shakers, there is no gap in the threads at the vertical mold seam. The new threads cross over the vertical mold seam in a continuous unbroken line (Figs. 3-4).

The threads look slightly different on front and back sides of both new and old. Each side is illustrated below. New shakers also tend to have more glass at the bottom but this can vary. Checking the threads is a more reliable way to catch the new pieces.


Fig. 1 (Old)


Fig. 2 (Old)


Fig. 3 (New)


Fig. 4 (New)

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