US Flag Decorated EnamelwareBy

Flag Decorated Enamelware

There is a new line of "enamelware" decorated with crossed American flags. The white enamel is chipped and distressed to appear old. The flag decorations are apparently silkscreened or stenciled in unfired paint. Rims are painted either red or blue. Rims on our samples were very sloppy with obvious blurring, drips and smears (Fig. 1, arrow).

At least three different pieces are known: a 9″ by 1″ plate shown in Fig. 2, a 10″ by 1½″ plate and a 12″ by 1″ tray. All pieces cost less than $12 each.


Fig. 1 Rims on the new pieces are very poorly painted, either by hand or sprayed through a badly fitting stencil or mask. All the rims in our samples have smears and streaks in the paint.


Fig. 2 New white enamel 9″ by 1″ plate; red rim; red, white and blue crossed flags in the center. New retail price, $8.

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