Figural Pedestal Compote and CandlesticksBy

Figural Pedestal Compote and Candlesticks

This 13″ tall lead crystal compote is constructed like Victorian glassware. The figural nude pedestal is attached while hot to a separately shaped bowl above and a thick flat base below. Matching 9″ figural candlesticks are also available.

The compote has a highly polished finish; candlesticks are made frosted satin only. An imitation cut pattern is pressed into the compote bowl. The only true cutting is a band of lightly engraved fans circling the bowl's top rim.

Both the compote and the candlesticks are 24% lead crystal made in Russia. Compote retailed for $49; candlesticks, $24 each.


Fig. 1 Figural lead crystal compote, 13″ tall bowl 8″ dia. Made from three separate pieces of glass: bowl, pedestal, and base. Pedestal figure is also sold as a 9″ candlestick in frosted satin finish only.


Fig. 2 Bowl is pressed with imitation cut glass pattern. Good quality crystal with high bell tone.