Figural glass egg cupBy

Figural glass egg cup

This figural egg cup with the face of a child is new. It has been produced in an opaque green (Jadite), opaque blue (Delphite) and Ice, an iridized finish.

Inside the bottom of the cup is a raised letter B inside a raised triangle. This is the mark of Guernsey Glass, a small company that began in 1970 in Cambridge, Ohio. The business was started by Harold Bennett who also opened the Cambridge Glass Museum.

The Guernsey name for the egg cup is "Hummel" inspired by the children of Hummel ceramic figurines. Some collectors have named it Humpty Dumpty. All Guernsey Hummel egg cups are produced from a new mold made in 1981. Actual production has been jobbed out to Mosser Glass, also of Cambridge, Ohio.

Marks are not a reliable indication of when any particular Guernsey items was produced. The same mark has been in use during the 30 year history of the firm.


Fig. 1


Fig. 2 Raised molded mark of Guernsey Glass, founded 1971 Cambridge, Ohio.