Fenton Shades in Cranberry OpalescentBy

Fenton Shades in Cranberry Opalescent

During auction, a genuinely old kitchen hanging lamp may be sold with a new 14″ cranberry hobnail domed shade. The buyer might be shocked to learn that the shade is new. Many persons mistakenly believe cranberry shades are not reproduced.

Fenton Art Glass Co. continues to makes 44 different cranberry and cranberry opalescent shades in nearly exact copies of vintage shapes and patterns including coin dot, hobnail, swirl, fern and dot optic. Although most Fenton products are permanently marked, many shades are not. This is because most shades are blown from spot molds and the mark gets smoothed over or blurred in finishing. Prices range from $175 for a 14″ hobnail dome to $25 for a dot optic electric shade with 2¼″ fitter rim.

Shades produced as private mold work for lamp parts distributors may or may not be marked Fenton. Whether a piece is marked on private work is up to the client. When shades are marked, the marks are often hard to find because shades are blown out from pattern molds. Blowing and finishing tends to blur any marks.


Fig. 1 New Fenton cranberry opalescent lamp shades in the dot optic pattern. Shown in various shapes and sizes.


Fig. 2 New Fenton cranberry opalescent hobnail lamp shades. Various shapes and sizes are available including a large 14″ umbrella for hanging lamps.

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