Fantasy Sleepy Eye Pottery PaperweightBy

Fantasy Sleepy Eye Pottery Paperweight

This new reddish brown clay paperweight was recently purchased in a Midwest antique mall. The top has the impressed profile of Chief Sleepy Eye (Fig. 1) which was the trademark of Sleepy Eye Flour, Sleepy Eye, Minnesota. Teepee designs ring the sides (Fig. 7) and on the bottom a Western Stoneware Co. mark (Fig. 8).

According to Sleepy Eye Collectors president, Jim Martin, "No old counterpart to this piece exists. It is a "fantasy" piece that started turning up about 8-10 years ago. Other colors were also made including a blue/gray; all are crudely made. They have all been recently made."


Fig 6. Top view; overall 2 1/2″ dia.


Fig 7. Side view of teepee shapes about actual size.


Fig 8. Base with impressed marks.

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