Fake Royal DuxBy

Fake Royal Dux

This 16″ vase with Art Noveau nude is back in the market this time with a fake Royal Dux mark. It first appeared in 1997 with a fake Roseville mark.

The fake Dux mark is cast as one piece with the vase; authentic marks were made separately and applied. The fake mark is painted pink; original applied marks are pink clay, not painted.

The fake mark does read correctly but note the irregular and poorly formed lettering. White clay shows through the pink paint.


Fig. 1


Fig. 2
Figs. 1 & 2
Two views of fake 16-inch vase with Royal Dux mark.


Fig. 3 Fake Royal Dux mark. This is beige clay that has been painted pink. The paint is wearing off the high points. Original marks are made of pink clay; they are not painted.

Photos courtesy Terry Stern