Fake Geronimo World's Fair Belt BuckleBy

Fake Geronimo Worlds Fair Belt Buckle

Here's a unique combination– a metal belt buckle with Geronimo's portrait and marked St. Louis Exposition, 1904. This piece is in gray metal, apparently a lead brass mix.

This buckle is similar to faked belt buckles marked Tiffany which appeared during the late-1960s through the 1970s. Those buckles, like this one, are pure fantasy items, no old counterparts ever existed.

The Geronimo buckle and the early Tiffany fakes are cast. Vintage buckles of any quality were die-struck, not cast. New cast buckles frequently show grinding marks, broken bubbles and deep pits.

One of the warnings that this is not a vintage piece is the © copyright symbol. As a general rule, this symbol does not appear on items made before 1910-1915. The 1904 date on the Geronimo buckle is close to that time period, but it's another reason to examine the piece thoroughly.

This piece was found in a Midwest antique mall priced at $125.


Fig. 1 Detail of badly pitted surface typical of low quality castings used in making reproductions.


Fig. 2 Fantasy belt buckle marked St. Louis Exposition, 1904, Geronimo. Cast in a dull dark gray color.


Fig. 3 The C in circle copyright symbol ©, rarely appears in pre-1910 products. Also marked D S Seitzer.


Fig. 4 Fake Wells Fargo buckle marked Tiffany from ca. 1960-1980.