Dale Tiffany and Louis Comfort TiffanyBy

Dale Tiffany and Louis Comfort Tiffany

Since it was founded in 1979, Dale Tiffany Inc. has specialized in reproducing leaded lamp designs first developed by Louis Comfort Tiffany, ca. 1890-1920s. There is no other relationship.

Sometimes there is confusion because both Dale and LC Tiffany can be marked with stamped metal tags. In poor light or when buying without hands-on examination, the similarity of names may lead to confusion.

The typical Dale Tiffany tag below is stamped "© Dale Tiffany Inc." Note that the lettering style is in script, or cursive, and is in upper and lower case. The tag is made of plain brass with no patina. Such strips are similar in style to tags soldered on vintage Tiffany shades but with important differences.

Typical vintage Tiffany stamped tags read, "TIFFANY STUDIOS NEW YORK." All uppercase letters, no copyright mark and san-serif (block) type, not script. Original tags are almost always copper, not brass. Original tags are virtually always covered with patina and not left as bare metal as many of the Dale Tiffany tags.

In addition to full size copies of original LC Tiffany lamps, Dale Tiffany Inc. also produces miniature copies of vintage Tiffany lamps. The new miniatures are only 5″ to 8″ tall. The only vintage LC Tiffany lamp produced in a true miniature version was the wisteria lamp. An original LC Tiffany miniature wisteria and a Dale Tiffany miniature wisteria are shown below. The LC Tiffany wisteria miniature is about 16″; the new Dale Tiffany wisteria miniature is under 8″.

New lamps by Dale Tiffany Inc. are among the better quality reproductions of original Tiffany designs. They are made in the copper foil technique just like 1890-1920s original leaded shades.

The edges of each piece of glass are wrapped in copper foil. Pieces are laid down in the final design, then soldered. This technique requires more labor but produces thinner joints between pieces of glass. With thinner joints, smaller pieces of glass can be used to create finer details and more intricate designs.


Fig. 1 New 22-inch Peony lamp by Dale Tiffany Inc. copied from LC Tiffany pattern of the same name. Retail $699.


Fig. 2 Typical soldered metal tag found on Dale Tiffany lamps. Includes the modern copyright symbol ©; the lettering style is in script. Stamped into a strip of brass, no patina.


Fig. 3 Typical stamped metal name tag in vintage LC Tiffany lamps. Tags are copper and covered in patina. San-serif, or block, type style. Usually appears as two lines.


Fig. 4 New Dale Tiffany Inc. miniature wisteria lamp under 8″ total height.


Fig. 5 Original miniature LC Tiffany wisteria lamp ca. 1902-08. Total height 16¾″; shade dia. 10½″. The wisteria is the only true miniature version of a vintage LC Tiffany leaded shade pattern.