Czech glass being made from original Art Deco moldsBy

Czech glass being made from original
Art Deco molds

A number of pieces of Art Deco styled Czech glass are being reissued from original 1930s molds. The five pieces shown here were put back in production in 1997. Most items are made clear or frosted crystal but one item (Fig. 2) is in malachite glass, a swirled green opaque glass. The new wholesale prices were about 20% to 30% of what the comparable original ca. 1920-30s piece would cost.

Most originals had extensive hand polishing on seams and on the base. New pieces typically have very little polishing. Also check for normal wear. Originals are almost 60-75 years old now and should show wear.


Fig. 1 New clear crystal Faces ashtray. Wholesale $56.


Fig. 2 Unity 11½" vase, malachite glass. Wholesale price $250.


Fig. 3 6½"Zephyrus clear crystal vase, $123.


Fig. 4 12" clear crystal Grand Decanter, $113.


Fig. 5 5¼" Frosted perfume bottle, $60. All pieces made in molds created during the 1930s.

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