Cut glass urn updateBy

Cut glass urn update

There are many large cut glass urns on the market. Initially they were only wholesaled by large reproduction importers, but later the same pieces were offered in a number of holiday mail order catalogs. The new 30″ version shown in Fig. 1 was described as a "Gigantic Apothecary Jar" in a prestigious mail order catalog. It was priced at $475.

Other pieces of the same shape are also available in 14" and 20" sizes and available in clear and colored glass. All are made in China.

New pieces with spigots usually have liquor-related names such as "Gin", or "Whiskey" engraved on the body. The apothecary style urns with no spigot have not yet been found with any engravings. Wholesale prices at reproduction importers ranged from $28-$175 depending on size and color.

Bases and bodies of both styles of new urns–whether sold as apothecary jars without spigot or sold as liquor or wine urns with spigots– are held together with glue. Glass necks holding spigots on new pieces are also glued to the sides of new bodies.

This is easily seen by holding a black light at the joint between base and body or around the spigot where it attaches to the side of the body. The glue fluoresces a bright white. All original similar glass bases and bodies were fused together while the glass was hot, not glued.


Fig. 1 New 30 inch "apothecary" jar; clear crystal with cut bullseyes and mitres


Fig. 2 Genuine 18″ cut glass wine urn, ca. 1880-1910.


Fig. 3 Detail of spigot neck fused to body while hot.

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