Coolidge Drape Shade in JaditeBy

Coolidge Drape Shade in Jadite

An American lamp parts wholesaler sold a Jadite version of a Coolidge Drape molded chimney. The new shade was made to fit #2 and #3 burners with a 3-inch fitter. The shade is 9 inches tall and 6¼ inches diameter. New shades wholesaled for $6.25. Although original Coolidge lamps and shade are most commonly seen in clear crystal, authentic Jadite-colored bases and shades were also made.

The original Coolidge Drape lamps were made by Pittsburgh Lamp, Brass and Glass Co. of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The company name for this pattern was Bellevue, but collectors have adopted the name Coolidge Drape. The link to Coolidge originated in a news photo of Calvin Coolidge being sworn in as president on the sudden death of President Harding. A Bellevue lamp lighted the parlor in the Coolidge family Vermont home as Coolidge took the oath of office in 1923. Collectors associated the Bellevue lamp with the scene and adopted the Coolidge name for the pattern.


Fig. 1 New Jadite Coolidge Drape pattern-molded chimney.


Fig. 2 Original catalog illustration of Coolidge Drape lamps. The lamp on the far right shows the original pattern-molded shade and matching base.

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